02 Feb

Veggies WOE 882020 Muntikan ng magka castle

(UPDATED) Coin Master Generator

Join us and let the FORCE be with you.

Fast Growing Community!
PH, USA, UAE, Canada, Japan, Chile, Indonesia
3000+ Active Players Daily | 2 Week Old Server

Lets bring back the fun, happy, friendly, battle, love and experience on DarkRO Rebirth!
Join our


8000x Base Experience
8000x Job Experience
Modify Drop Rates
10% Normal Cards
5% MVP Cards
1% Rare MVP Cards

PK Server
Episode 13.2: Encounter with the Unknown
Server Unfro Server (Pre-renewal)
Pure 2-2 Trans Classes with Custom Star Wars Jobs
Star Gladiator & Soul Linker Job Disabled
Max 255 (Base) | 100 (Job)
Max 255
Instant 150 DEX
Max Storage and Guild Storage : 1000
Server Time GMT + 8
Main English
Max Party 20
Max Guild TBA
Guild Alliance is disabled during WoE times
Max Character 15
Main Credit (Zeny)

Game &
Adelay System (Anti-Speed Hack/No Delay)
Gepard Shield 3.0
Server Singapore
Server OVH.com with Daily Back-up

Dungeon and Instance Warper
Job Changer
Training Ground
Platinum Skills NPC
Universal Rental NPC
Customized Tool Dealer
Stat and Skill Resetter
Public & Private Dead Branch Room
Card Remover
MvP Room
Gold Room
and many more…

PK Server (@pk)
PvP, WoE & KoE Rewards/Points System
Battlegrounds 2.0
Custom Equipment & Weapon Quests
Custom Vending Map (@go mall)
Officially Headgear Quest NPC
Automated Events (Invasion & more..)
Break The Seal
Token Quests
Activity Points System
Armor Enchantment System
Job Costume System
and many more…

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(UPDATED) Coin Master Generator