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Level1 News December 23 2020 Dystopian Megacorporation 3 Has Entered the Battle

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0:00 – Intro
1:49 – Boring Company proposes massive Vegas expansion following monorail bankruptcy
3:06 – Facebook Is Developing A Tool To Summarize News Articles
4:36 – Facebook Wades Into ‘Fortnite’ Maker’s Dispute With Apple
5:30 – Facebook hits back at Apple with second critical newspaper ad
7:06 – Major US news publishers join the Coalition for App Fairness advocacy group to fight the ‘Apple tax’
8:56 – Apple launches new App Store privacy labels so you can see how iOS apps use your data
12:00 – Apple (AAPL) Starts Work on Its Own Cellular Modem; Qualcomm (QCOM) Stock Falls
14:23 – Google Stadia is now available on iOS
15:50 – Amazon wants to scan your body to make perfectly fitting shirts
17:47 – AWS introduces new Chaos Engineering as a Service offering
19:20 – Oracle is moving its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas
20:58 – Global chip shortage threatens production of laptops, smartphones and more
24:21 – High-Frequency Traders Push Closer to Light Speed With Cutting-Edge Cables
26:22 – Bitcoin price breaks above $20,000 for the first time ever
27:03 – Google Services Including Gmail, YouTube Suffer Major Outage
28:11 – Google (GOOGL) Faces Backlash Over AI Researcher Timnit Gebru’s Exit
30:33 – Memory & Storage Moment 2020
32:52 – Hundreds riot at iPhone factory in India over exploitation claims
36:04 – NextMind ships its real-time brain computer interface Dev Kit for $399
38:40 – French and Russian trolls wrestle for influence in Africa, Facebook says
42:40 – Reddit is buying TikTok rival Dubsmash
44:19 – Facebook Employees Leaving As Hate Speech Festers
45:49 – Facebook to move UK users to California terms, avoiding EU privacy rules

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(UPDATED) Coin Master Generator