08 Feb

How to Turn On Console Commands PC ONLY Outward Tips and Tricks

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Today i’m giving you info on how to turn on console commands in outward. NOTE – This is merely for those that wish to test out builds without having to recreate over and over and for those that have finished the game. Use at your own risk of making the game boring. Also all credit goes to Emerald Joker, Link to original vid below.
Original Vid –

How to Turn On Console Commands (PC ONLY) – Outward Tips and Tricks
game commands

F1 = Item Spawn menu
F2 = Dev Debug Menu (Various useful gameplay features, including fast travel)
F3 = Skill Enable/Disable menu (Add/remove skills)
F4 = Quest menu
Numpad 1 = Slow Down Game
Numpad 4 = Kill Player
Numpad 6 = Adds a Testing Status Effect
Numpad 7 = Remove Status Effect
Numpad 8 = Heal Player, Resurrect him and Fill Needs
Numpad 9 = Take Damage
Numpad Period = Invert Mouse Y
Left Ctrl + Left Alt + S = Force Environment Save
Left Ctrl + Left Alt + L = Skip Environment Load and Reload
Left Ctrl + Left Alt + X = Open Photon Network Room
Left Alt + Page Up = Set Next Graphic Settings
Left Alt + Page Down = Set Previous Graphic Settings
Left Alt + Numpad Divide = Show Debug Info
Left Shift + O = Open GUI
Left Shift + U = Player Ragdoll
Left Shift + H = Hide UI
F12 = Take Screenshot
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