26 Sep

How to Open Coin Master Magical Chest

(UPDATED) Coin Master Generator

Finally, I manage to open my first coin master magical chest, So I decided to record a video so that I can share the experience with my friend on Youtubes who also playing coin master game.

In the coin master magical chest I get 8 cards out of which one was 4-star rating card.

Anyone would like to help or need regular coins, spins, cards, send me friend

I was expecting 4-5 star rating cards in the coin master Magical chest but get no Get no
El Tiger
Might Lion
Fire Bird
Viking Gold
Jack O lantern
Throne of Thorns
Zombie Slicer
Nitro Blast
Chocolate Bar
Coin Master
Fire Bird
Last Chest
Karma Police
Olive Tree
Jurassic Plant
Brave Lion

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(UPDATED) Coin Master Generator