24 Oct

How to Make ANY WEAPON Powerful | 3Cat Spam + Raids | Pixel Gun 3D New Update 16.2.0 Review

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“NEW How to Make EVERY Weapon More Powerful in Pixel Gun 3D New Update 2020! Pixel Gun 3D 16.2.0 New Update Gameplay Review, Pixel Gun 3D Raid Gameplay Win – Tips to WIN Raids! PG3D New Update 2020 Best Modules, New Map, New Weapons, Upgrade Guns, How to Get Shards, Chests, Dead City, Lottery, 3 Category Cat Spam”


Hey everyone! AWESOME NEWS! Android got a brand new Pixel Gun 3D 16.2.0 update a couple days ago, and today I finally had time to review it! Pixel Gun 3D iOS new update will be coming soon, and this is what you can less pay-to-win (more coin-bought guns than gem-bought guns), new weapon upgrade system (modules to upgrade guns up to level 5, new golden chests opening unlocking modules, new gadget system), new upgraded module armor, new RAID game mode gameplay with new monsters bosses (+ tips to win raids), Dead City new map, zombie apocalypse theme, new weapons, new skins, new Battle Royale items, new Super Lottery, new Trader’s Van, new chests opening, 3-cat spam (3-category spam is back in old-school Pixel Gun brawl mode), bugs fixed, banned bug restart button fixed, and so much more! Seems pretty exciting? Watch the video to find out more!

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(UPDATED) Coin Master Generator