24 Aug

Developing C/C++ Projects with CLion IDE and Conan C/C++ Package Manager

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This webinar recording provides an introduction to developing large C/C++ projects using the package modularization and reuse offered by Conan package manager, and the power and convenience of the CLion IDE, using the CMake build system.

It will be demonstrated how to consume existing packages of popular C and C++ libraries like Poco, Boost, OpenSSL and ZLib, easily from the CLion environment. Then, how to create package will be explained, with a special focus on continuous development of packages from your own, evolving source code.


00:37 – Consuming existing packages of OSS libraries Boost, Poco, etc
10:10 – How to create packages from your own source code
15:30 – Conan profile
19:30 – Totally skipping the local cache to depend on a locally edited package
43:00 – Questions

Learn more about CLion at
Learn about Conan


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