23 Aug

Basic Roll20 Tutorial Make a Character

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In this video I walk you through the steps of making your first, character

We start with adding a player to the game, and then assign the character to them. We then move onto all the methods of actually creating this character from scratch. (I rolled insanely well!!)

Throughout the tutorial i toss a few pro-tips about things to be wary of or how/why some stuff happens.

This Tutorial is designed for those that have not even made invited their first PC. or for PCs that have not yet made their first character.

Thanks for watching!!

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This is a slightly different Mailbag, because the products are already unpacked. This increases speed a little. Here is the list of devices
White ESD


CNY70 Reflective Optical


Ultrasonic Distance

Haptic Actuator (Vibration Motor):

Acrylic Arduino

Hakko Clone

2mm Pin

Sonoff Intelligent Mains

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)


(UPDATED) Coin Master Generator